Frequently Asked Questions

Our Offerings

1. Coding Foundations
16 sessions
Topics: Basics of Scratch, Conditional Statements, Loops & Events, Broadcast to Sync Actions, Variables, Random Numbers, Cloning etc.

Outcome: 3 animations & a capstone project
2. Advanced Coding & Game Design
24 / 32 sessions
Topics: Advanced Scratch Concepts, Nested Loops, Custom Blocks, Video Sensing, Lists, Logical Operators, String Manipulation, Design Elements etc.

Outcome: 6 Games & a Capstone Project
3. Android App Dev
24 sessions (8+ Years)
Topics: Basics of Blockly, Design Elements (UI/UX), Local & Remote Databases, Phone Sensors, Media Players, Canvas, Lists, App publishing to Play Store etc.

Outcome: 6 Apps & a Capstone Project
4. Python Basics
24 sessions (10+ Years)
Topics: Variables, Basic Data Types, String Manipulation, Math & Logical Operators, Conditional Statements, Lists, Loops, Functions, Basic Modules etc.

Outcome: 8 Text Games & Graphic Patterns
5. Python Intermediate
24 sessions (10+ Years)
Topics: Data Structures (Tuples, Sets, Dictionaries), 2-D Lists, File I/O operations, In depth Functions, Exception Handling, Simple Classes & Objects etc.

Outcome: 4 Advanced Projects

Parent's / Student's Questions

Some of the most commonly asked questions from parents

  • Innovative mindset as coding improves Creativity, Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Critical Thinking and Lateral Thinking
  • Academic improvement especially in maths as coding involves application of concepts learnt in school (example - using x-y coordinate system or geometry in games)
  • Bright future in the technology dominated 21st century. Coding not only opens doors to the best universities or high paying career opportunities but it also helps in understanding how technology works which is essential to build any scalable tech startup today.