{tech club} for school students

A one stop solution for your school to provide quality STEM education to your students, including Coding, Robotics, AI & IoT.

What is {tech club}?

JrInLab's "Tech Clubs" aim to supplement schools, in their quest to provide quality technical education to their students.

Hiring and retaining good technical educators for smaller, and independent schools is very difficult, more so, if you're in a non-metro city or town. At the same time, the technical field is quite vast, and ever changing, so it is not possible for a single faculty to keep pace with this rapid change.

We, at JrInLab, aim to change this through the concept of tech clubs. Tech club gives your school access to:

  • Experts in various technical fields
  • Up-to-date & frequently refreshed quality curriculum
  • A channel for your students to collaborate and learn from each other

Benefits of {tech club}

Access to Experts

Tech club brings you at par with other schools, by providing you access to experts in different technical fields.

Quality Tech Curriculum

Our curriculum is reviewed and refreshed frequently based on how it is received by students. This keeps it up-to-date and relevant.

Hands On, Experiential Learning

No boring lectures. Our curriculum focuses heavily on projects based hands on, experiential learning.

Mentoring School Teams

It is equally important for students to take part in competitions to build confidence. Tech club mentors school teams for various competitions, to bring laurels to your school.

24/7 Active Learning Community

Tech club provides a channel for students to collaborate and learn teamwork. This also provides ample opportunities of peer learning.

Fill the gaps in your school's STEM education

Take that first step, and talk to us. We'll be more than happy to answer any of your queries.

{tech club} Activities

Coding & Development
Robotics, Circuits & IoT
Artificial Intelligence
3-D Modeling & Design
Drone Programming
And much more...

Our kids in action

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